Lakemore Fisheries @CaughtAt Fish Comparison Platform

We at Lakemore are taking a brave step into the social sphere with @caughtat - a live platform for anglers around the world to get up to the minute information about what is being CAUGHT and WHERE.

This will work best with a smart phone, although computer users can also enjoy and contribute.

Guide for mobile users

Camcorder and camera functions on a HTC phone.

1. Follow us on Twitter (you will need to create an account - these are FREE).

2. Ensure you have a Twitter photo sharing account, such as Twitpic with access to your feed enabled.

3. Obtain a photo of you holding a catch. A friend may be required for this.

Upload this to Twitpic and describe your catch, (140 character limit) in the following format:


The feed will auto update, and the more who join and contribute, the better the experience for all, so tell a friend and help to create a great social platform.