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Suggestions Received

"I suggest on both lakes Horseshoe and Longlake you try different methods on different rods. Everytime I have come I have caught on different baits so you never no what they are going be feeding on. I personally dont put much bait out and it seems to work so it's up to you really."

Liam Wood

"I fished horseshoe last year, I chose peg 3 and decided to use active-8 boillee too, i put about half a kilo on each rod and caught 2 carp to 16lb and a 22lb cat in the 24hrs, the lad on peg 2 next to me had a whopper at 65lb, i will be back."

Sean from Nottingham

"I fished peg 6 on Horseshoe last april, I spoke to a few lads and they hadn't caught much, so i did it different and filled it in with hemp, maize and corn, it worked. Had loads of carp action, lost a few and landed 4 to 26lb."

Alan from Wolverhampton

"My approach for the cats has never let me down, a lot of cat anglers on there fish a single BIG bait, i always use beds of pellet with monster crab 18mm boilee as hookbait, it defo works a treat, i have had my fair share of cats, and carp with my biggest cat at 51lb, buzzing!!!"

Ian from Manchester

"I only ever fish Longlake when i go here, Horseshoe can be a bit hard for me, nearly everyone wants pegs 1,2 or 13, i personally fish in the middle by the islands and find worms are a winner for the cats and Nash scopex for the carp, i have had carp to 19lb and cats to 28lb."

Ross from Glasgow