Lakemore Fisheries Specimen Gallery

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Previous Contributions By Lakemore Anglers...


Michael Oakes - 68lb - Macclesfield
Matt Keogh - 35.8lb - On his first Lakemore visit!
Brian Birchall - 35lb - Night catch (3/7/09)
Wayne Lawton's catfish
Jey Herrity's catfish
Ricky Linford - 11lb catfish
Ricky Linford - 21lb catfish
Craig Irene - 15lb catfish caught on Longlake
Craig Irene - 29lb 10oz catfish taken from Longlake
David Sayer - 26lb night catch from Horseshoe on 6th Sept 09 | Image 2
Raymond Slim - 10lb catfish
Roy and Stuart - 18lb catfish
Rod Linacre - 46lb catfish
Rod & Charlie Linacre - 40lb catfish
Jamie Moss - 30lb Cat from Long Island
Stephen-O'Rourke - 42lb catfish 12th April 2010


Josh Grundy - 20lb carp caught 2008 using meat
Graham Hunt - 17lb 5oz common carp
Phil Hodgson - 21lb common caught 31st July 2009
Wayne Redfern - 21lb mirror caught 31st July 2009
Ross Orme - 20lb 4oz caught on Horseshoe
Joseph Lewis - 17lb 2oz common caught on Longlake
Anthony Nolan - Carp caught on Longlake
Joseph Lewis - 14lb Mirror caught 28th March on Longlake
Stephen O'Rourke - 27lb 6oz carp 11th April 2010


From The Original Lakemore Fisheries Gallery...




Yeates' 75lb 6oz RECORD Cat - [1] [2] [3] [4]
Westgate's 52lb 8oz Catfish Image 1
Westgate's 52lb 8oz Catfish Image 2
Paul Stevenson's 41lb Cat
Bobby's 6lb Catfish
Catfish caught at night
Catfish caught in day image 1
Catfish caught in day image 2
Ken's Catfish
Mark's 29lb Catfish
44lb Catfish
23lb Catfish
40lb Catfish
Danny's Catfish
44lb Catfish
36lb Catfish
45lb Catfish
43lb Catfish
Matt's Catfish [2]
Tim's Catfish
35lb Catfish
Mark's Catfish [2]
40lb Catfish [2]
35lb Catfish
33lb Catfish
32lb Catfish
30lb Catfish
27lb Catfish
25lb Catfish
24lb Catfish
22lb Catfish
30lb+ Catfish caught 2006
42lb Catfish
38lb Catfish
Kev's Catfish
35lb+ Catfish
H's Catfish
Mandy's catfish
Machin's Cat
Dave Waterhouse- 25lb 2oz - NEW!
John Taylor 30lb Cat - NEW!
John Thrush Cat - NEW!
Moulton 34lb Cat - NEW!
Paul Stoke - 36lb 10oz Cat - NEW!
Terry Lowe - 48lb 1oz Cat [2] - NEW!

26lb Common
19lb Common
16lb Common


Group Shot

30lb Net - Golden Lake
Neil & Pete - NEW!