Information About Lakemore Fisheries

Lakemore fisheries offers an angling experience ideal for beginners and specimen hunters alike. With five lakes on site we offer a varied range of angling from specimen carp and catfish to general pleasure angling.

Easily accessable from M6 Junction 17 yet set within idyllic and secure surroundings, Lakemore is without doubt one of the most beautiful waters you will fish at.

Lakemore Fisheries was excavated between 1981-83, the lakes were then stocked with carp, roach and rudd. Over the following years chub, bream and tench were also added, then 30 years ago 115 catfish were aquired all approximately 4 inches long.105 of these cats were stocked into the horseshoe and 10 stocked into the willow pool. 5 years later, 25 cats were moved into the long lake. The rest is history.

The horseshoe now boasts hundreds of lake bred catfish with many of the orginals now over 40lb and up to 75lb. This is a similar story in the long lake, along with over 100 lake bred cats the original 25 cats stocked are now all pushing 20-51lb and growing. The carp in horseshoe are generally in mint condition, and many landed have never been caught before. The carp are now up to 33lb 4oz and in the long lake they are to about 25lb with several fish now pushing the 20lb barrier every year. The other three lakes being the willow pool, the golden lake and the moat, contain a wide range of general course fish with carp to 20lb, perch to 3.5lb, bream to 7lb, roach to 2lb, rudd to 2lb, golden tench to 2lb, crucian carp to 2lb and ghost-koi carp are present in the horseshoe to 24lb.